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Did Ubisoft Ruin The Ezio Trilogy? - The Gentleman’s Pantry Episode II

November 21, 2016

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Pantry. This week begins with an offbeat discussion regarding historical figures that we would choose to spend an evening of passion with. Be warned, however, for things do not stay PG-rated for long. 

We then move on to the anchor of this episode. Did Ubisoft ruin The Ezio Trilogy? The triple remaster has just been released, and its upgrades may not be all that great. 

We also discuss some political statements from Read Dead Redemption 2, and the new Beauty and the Beast live-action trailer. 

Media from this episode:

Video - What is wrong with Petruccio?

Bug-eyed Assassin's Creed II NPC

Beauty and the Beast Trailer

Logan Trailer

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