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Episode 15 - The Oscars 2017: What a Waste of a Lovely Night

March 1, 2017

The Oscars happened over the weekend, and what a mess they were. But before we get to that, we have a chat about The Last of Us, which Dallin finally played and enjoyed thoroughly. 

A reveal trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War launched this week, and we give a few brief thoughts on that before diving into our Oscars debrief. Were the right awards given? What happened with that disastrous finale? Listen to find out!

This week, we also continue the Mel Gibson Movie Book Club, and talk about The Bounty, a 1984 film starring Mel, Anthony Hopkins, and a host of other great actors. 

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The Gentleman's Pantry is recorded by JD Schmidt and Scott Russell in Alberta, Canada, and County Down, Northern Ireland. Edited by JD Schmidt. Theme music created by JD Schmidt. 


0:00 - The Last of Us (a long overdue review)
14:00 - Middle-earth: Shadow of War, catching up on Heavy Rain
22:00 - The Oscars 
43:00 - The Mel Gibson Movie Book Club - The Bounty
56:30 - Wrap-up